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Financial Empowerment.
Work with a coach. 
We're here to help.  Learn more about our Financial Empowerment Classes and one on one and group coaching.


Join us!


“The best part about WSBP is empowerment. The constant reminder of all the possibilities that exist for all of us and that we can and should take the time to figure out what our priorities are and how to make it happen."


Start Up Student

“I didn’t know how to make a budget or work with the small amount of money I had. It’s such an emotional thing, and a terrifying feeling. There is a way out. There’s long-term hope."


Personal Financial Empowerment Class Student

Personal Financial Empowerment Programs


Work with a coach. Attend a group. Take a class. Find hope & clarity.

Start Up:
Comprehensive Business Planning


Our hallmark class. Learn the language of business.

Getting Serious:
Intro to Self-Employment


Think you might want to start a business? Don't

have a business idea? 

Women's Small Business Program

We're here for you.

255 South Champlain Street

Burlington, VT 05401


Tel: 802-846-7338


Upcoming Classes

Getting Serious 

Wednesday 8/12 + Thursday 8/13



Start Up 

September 10 - Decemeber 11

Class held every Thursday 5:30-9PM

Every other Sunday 12-6PM


Personal Financial Empowerment: 

Tuesdays, 9/15 - 10/27



Personal Financial Coaching:

  • Individual Coaching starts September 1, rolling admission

  • Group Coaching starts in September, 3 groups/month


Gig Life:

Saturday, 11/7 10am-5pm

Tuesday, 11/10 6-9PM

Saturday, 11/14 10am-5pm

Tuesday, 11/17 6-9PM


"The biggest take away for me was to have the confidence to just do it.  My husband and I are currently scheming another endeavor and I am able to transfer the skills I learned thru WSBP to roll with the beginnings of a bigger venture.  That was my goal and it arrived sooner than I could have expected.  I am now comfortable with the uncertainty and fluidity that comes with the beginning stages of creating a business, which I hadn't been before WSBP. "


Start Up Student

“With your professional knowledge, support and wisdom--I was able to pull a dream together--into a business that I pray takes off and I can not wait to do full time!"


Start Up Student

"I wanted to thank you so much for the course and particularly for the exercise where we numerically crosswalked our values with our different business ideas inspired by our talents and strengths.  It was an incredibly illuminating activity for me."


Stacy Weinberger, Getting Serious Student

We're here for you.

255 South Champlain Street

Burlington, VT 05401


Tel: 802-846-7081


Upcoming Classes

Contact Director, WSBP, Carmen Tall to learn more and register today!  


Getting Serious: Intro to Self-Employment 

Thursdays, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

April 5, 12, and 19

Learn More Today. 

Start Up: Comprehensive Business Planning

Thursdays, 5:30 - 9:00 pm
Every other Sunday, 12:00 - 6:00 pm

Fall 2018 dates TBA

Learn More Today. 

Personal Financial Coaching

  • Individual Coaching - ongoing enrollment

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